Change 1’s Life is a UK based grass roots charity aiming to assist people in need around Sub- Saharan Africa who are the victims of poverty and natural disaster or catastrophe by supplying them with, food, clean water, clothes, medical aid and education. Our mission is to feed the hungry, educate the poor, house the homeless and comfort the downcast. We aim to contribute to the reduction of poverty by providing food, clean water, clothes and medical aid to the less privileged. In addition, we provide lifesaving education, enabling families to prevent serious diseases such as Malaria and HIV/AIDS. Malaria and HIV/AIDS are among the main causes of death in Africa and poor sanitation plays an big role in the spread of these diseases. For that reason, we run programs to teach people how to prevent diseases and bring their attention to the importance of cleanness. To date we have distributed over 450.000kgs of food and clothes to over 1,550,000 beneficiaries in Sub-Saharan Africa through the support of our regular donors. The charity uses a number of activities to communicate the importance of education as we believe education is a crucial mean of poverty reduction.

Children are at the heart of our work and our main task is to ensure that underprivileged children have access to education and a safe environment to live, play and grow.

“For the public benefit, the relief and assistance of people in need in Sub-Sahran Africa who are the victims of poverty and natural disaster or catastrophe by supplying them with food, water, chothes, medical aid and to further such other purposes which may be charitbale according to the law of England and Wales as the trustees see fit from time to time.”

Why donate?

  • 40% of Africa’s population live on under £1 a day.
  • Every minute a child dies of malaria in Africa.
  • Every 15 seconds a child dies of hunger.

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What we do

  • Ensure children have access to food and water
  • Provide bursaries for children to be able to go to school
  • Provide computers and IT equipment
  • Support school agricultural projects
  • Provide disabled children with wheelchairs, clothes and support
  • Distribute donated computers, clothes and footwear across Sub-Saharan Africa.