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Change 1’s Life is a UK-registered charity assisting people in need across Sub-Saharan Africa who are victims of poverty, natural disaster and catastrophy by developing practical, applicable and sustainable solutions to combat poverty in one of the world’s poorest regions. Our vision is to live in a world where every human being has got education, food, shelter and comfort. The charity is managed by a group of university students around the world who aspire to eliminate the injustice of poverty by putting local communities and less privileged children at the center of change.

To date we have distributed over 1.560.000.00kgs of donations (food, clothes, shoes, stationery, sports equipment) and implemented 5 long-term sustainable development that have assisted more than projects and have help over people (mainly children) since 2014.


Children are at the heart of our work

Our mission is to educate, protect and be a the voice of the those who are not seen by everyone and this includes the enviroment. We have been developing diverse structural and sustainable projects through a team of associates, volunteers, international partners and regular donors who work together to help communities in need across Sub-Saharan Africa, re-enforcing the importance of the role of the youth in being the drivers of change and promoters of the sustainable developmet programs (SDGs).

In the face of the current pandemic of COVID-19, we have being carrying out a series of humanitarian actions such as distribution of basic necessities and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to less priviledged community that can not afford to stay home. These activities to mitigate the negative impact of imposed restrictions as well as an reenforcement of awareness and efforts made by local governments and the WHO (World Health Organisation).

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