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KM 29 (Caxito)

KM29 is a community of about 850 people with more than half of it population being children. The community is located in Dande/Caxito which is a capital of the province of Bengo. Divided into diiferent villages such as Dembos, Kibaki, Hong-Hungo and Ngonga, KM29 like many other communities lacks basic needs such as food, education, water supply and healthcare.

After our visit in January 2016, we made a promise to be committed with this community and do all we can to bring about sustainable develepment for and with the people of KM29 in Bengo. Every second week of each month, we distribute food, clothes and water to the community, thanks to the support of our donors. Furthermore, we run monthly programs that aims at engaging the community in the change we intend to bring to the community and to build trust with the people of KM29 and promote participation.

Our Goal for this community:

  • Reduce the high level of Malaria cases in the community.
  • Put into operation our agricultural projects for sustainable food supply. (e.g: cultuvate rice, beens, Kizaca, vegetables and fruits.
  • Build a platform for families to sell what they produce to the rest of the country for income purposes.
  • Build a SCHOOL by 2021