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Project Light

Our “Project Light” which seeks to provide a substantial short/medium term solution to Africa’s energy crisis. We aim to provide the gift of light to all through our Solar Helix which are lightweight portable and eco-friendly solar powered lights. With this project we intend to:

  • Help school children and students in areas with no access to electricity be able to study at night and do their homework in order to progress in school and improve their academic skills.
  • Prevent families from using life threatening pollutant, toxic and costly domestic fuels such as kerosene that harms not only peoples’ heath but also the environment and empower the youth of Africa who represent 70% of the overall population and are the real drivers of change in Africa.
  • Moreover, we hope this project can facilitate the lives of men and women who sell goods for living to be able to sell their goods at night time to increase profit.

In many parts of Africa, night-time economic activities are practically non-existent, and women, men and children cannot make productive use of their time to carry out the most basic task. Children and youths who are the future can not study at night without proper light and complete their homework by candle light which is an additional expense for their parents as well as a dangerous practice. Without access to electricity, over 3.5 million people in Africa die every year from harmful pollutants or fires in their home as a result of the use of costly and toxic fuels.

  • 600 million people in Africa still don’t have access to electricity, particularly in rural areas.
  • -80% of the world’s population has access to electricity but 30% of the African population enjoys this benefit.