Often we don’t realise how our mind can strenghten our effort towards the things we want to accomplish in Life. I had a dream, and my dream was to create an offical charity to help the people in need around my continent (Africa). In 2009, I saw a child dying of hunger in his mother’s arms, since then I have lived my life different. I asked myself, What am I really living for?, What is the meaning of life? is Life all about money and fortune which are things we leave behind when we die, or is life about Harmony, Love, Wisdom, Charisma, etc. Along the way I realised that Life is not about what you do for yourself, Life is about what you do for others, as the things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others, remain as your legacy.

Growing up learning the lives of legends such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, I realised how a person’s legacy can shape the World. My dream is to end poverty starting from where I am from (Angola). I started looking at organisations such as the UN, Red Cross, Save the Children, and many others, and I asked myself: How can I start something big with no experience, no means and no influence, however, my heart kept telling me ‘YES YOU CAN’. I start travelling the World, and I realised that even the simplest acts mean alot. Even just taking your time to listen to someone who fells like letting their issues out, that is helping others. I understood that everything starts small. I apprached people, I called organisations, and no one took me serious, maybe because of my age. On the other hand, my Family has always supported me where they could, and that is why I think Family is the most important thing in the World.

After been rejected from all kind of people, and even friends neglected to help me. I realised that no one will ever take me serious unless I start doing something. For that reason, I invested all my money into helping people across Africa and show people that together we can end poverty. Even though I could see progress, I was still not satisfied, simply because I had alot of limitations to what I could do to help the less privileged. I wanted my dream to become reality, so I start taking online classes on how to start an Non governamental Organisation. It looks simple, but trust me, it is alot of work to form a charity. You need to do so much , and at the end of the day , you might be let down by the charity commission, its like wait for 2 years to hear that you do not have the right information to start a charity, but FEAR is something that does not exists in my dictionary, so I took the risk. I wrote all the legal papers with a small team a build , I follow all the right steps, my bank account went minus from helping people across Africa. Today, after two years, I finally get to say ‘I created an charity’ that will make a difference in million of peoples’ lives, and where you find organisations such as Red Cross and Save the Children, You can also find ‘Change 1’s Life’.

All I am trying to say is that, You were made for more, to influence more, to accomplish more, to love more, and to give more. Make the difference, give something to someone in need (food,clothes,water,etc). Be the one to affect generations to come, like Slavery and Apartheid, Poverty is not natural. It is man made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings. Sometimes if falls on a generation to be great. YOU can be that generation, let your greatness blossom.

Don’t be affraid of your fears, your fears are not there to scare you, they there to let you know something is worth it. You are destined to accomplish your dreams, to leave a mark on this generation. There is nothing average about you.