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Since I start running in 2011 for my first 10K race I saw a lot of people running for a good cause (Cancer, disability, and many other reasons) I always say at some point in my life I would like to pick a charity that I believe in their work and their mission and try to raise some money to help them achieve something which can help them in their mission?

I met Edmilson back in 2011 when I was studying English as a preparation for my Master in Exeter. At that point, he was a student like me we studied together for a week or 2 but we kept in touch through Facebook. And when he started Change 1’s Life and I saw his work and the team behind all the work they do in the UK and Outside the UK to get the help for the people in need. I decided to start fundraising camping to help the charity to raise money.

To all my friends and colleague who I have met in my life journey, I will be happy if you can help me raise the target money to my chosen charity Change 1’s Life and help them to continue the amazing work they are doing.


Amad Tababa